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Remove Useless Services from Computer !

This Article is about  freeze your computer without useless services stop from your computer that not requires .

Many People don't know that many services runs in the computer but  its inhibit memory and fetching data from network. So Using this topic I tell you  about some services that really not need.

Here some following services you can Disabled....

Windows Time     

If  Your computer doesn't have access to the internet then you don't need to update the system time from online servers. You can Safely disable this service, but if you do , then this service will keep your system time accurate. Safe setting : Manual.

Table PC Input Services

You can safely disable this services .unless you use Tablet PC. Some 'Table PC Components' like the snipping tool or Windows Journal will continue to function , while the Tablet PC input Panel will not. The default Start-up type is manual . You can set it even to Disabled without negatively impacting your computing experience

Home Group Provide

Performs networking tasks associated with configuration and maintenance of home-groups. if this service is stopped or disabled, your computer will be unable to detect other home-groups and your homegroup might not work properly. it is recommended that you keep this service running. Why This can be disabled : As noted above: Only very small organizations are likely to use Home-Group to share resources on a network, so it's almost always safe to disable this service in a business setting.

Remote Registry 

This service enables remote user to modify the windows registry. some say that having this service turned on can pose security issues and therefore, choose to disable it. In windows vista and windows 7, this service is set to manual start by default, while in windows 8 it is disabled. after disabling it, I encountered some problems while updating my system, so I really think that it is safe to leave it set to Manual, at least in windows 7. Safe Setting : Manual.

Smart Card 

Smart Cards are generally used for safety reasons in large organizations or corporations. The typical home user won't probably need this service to be running.

Following are also can disabled if you not need.

Smart card Removal Policy :

Windows connect Now  
Windows Error Reporting Service 
Bluetooth Support Service
Encrypting File System
Certificate Propagation
Offline Files
Print Spooler
Fax and Printer
Secondary logon 
Parental Controls
Network Access Protection Agent.
IP Helper


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