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SBI Customers New Withdrawal charges will Apply from 1 July 2021.

SBI Changes rules for the withdrawal cash from the branches and ATM, and uses of cheques.
From the 1st July 2021, after new rules costly uses of ATM cash withdrawal and Cheques Books . New rules will apply for the Basic Saving Account Deposit (BSBD) account holders. 

Lets see services charges.

-  Cheque book charges.

SBI gives 10 pages cheque books for BSBD account holders in fiancial year. now will be charges for the  cheque books. 10 pages cheques charges 40 Rs. + GST , 25 page cheques book charges 75 Rs. + GST. Emergecny Cheuqes books charges  50 Rs. + GST for 10 pages and for the senior citizen new cheque book services will free of cost.

-  Cash Withdrawal charges.

SBI gives  four free cash withdrawal transaction of Basic Saving Account Deposit (BSBD) account holders . SBI charges cash withdrawal  after free limit over.  SBI charges 15 Rs. +  GST  cash withdrawal from the Branch  and ATM withdrawal. 

SBI increase limit  up to 1 Lac  for per day cash withdrawal using cheque. using withdrawal form with saving bank passbook per day up to 25 thousand limit.

Benefit of BSBD accounts

- SBI  Basic Saving Account Deposit best  for the middle class. 
- Open without any charges. 
- This Account also  called to zero balance account.
- This Acount not required for the  minimum or maximum balance.
- Give ATM Cum Debit Card to  Account holder .

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