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What'sApp New Good Features "Delete For Everyone" !!

Here, New features of What's app user . Now what's app has added new features to whats app to delete message to both side delete in chat's sender and's calling "Delete For Everyone".

We all know that when we was sent message by mistake to other when we don't wanted to sent. after sent we can't do  delete that.

So There what's app added new features to what's app, you can easy delete wrong sent message to your friend's chat and it's allow voice message and video message also. This new features "Delete for everyone " deleted on  both side sender and receiver phone. there is give limit time to delete message that you want to delete.What's app allow you to "delete for everyone " within seven minutes after sent message, after seven minutes you can not delete that message.

It's Good Feature for what's app user to deleting message that wrongly sent to others and it's delete both side sender and receiver's. after successfully delete message there will be display "This Message Was Deleted" in a chat, that's means sender deleted their message for everyone.

It's working on Android and IOS in latest version required to use it.

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