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New Features update in "Office Insiders"


As we all are working with  Microsoft office. Now a day its latest features  available to easy work. Microsoft update OFFICE 365 features.
If you are an office insider enrolled in packages channels level, so continue to reading of this new version 1902(build 11328.20070).

More changes as they happen.

Automatically saved of your updates when upload your files to  OneDrive.
Updated in - Words. Excel. PowerPoint

Creating an online video is easier from past.

If you are using powerpoint then it will be easy for inserting  video for you to creating online video. It's work in slide to put videos links to open it.
Updated in - . PowerPoint

Change in hard- drawn math formula(expressions) into stand characters.

Using PowerPoint to presentation is easy. For you here that Microsoft added feature to hard-drawn math expressions writer into standard character. You need to choose ink to math and select handwritten notes to start it.
Updated in - . PowerPoint

Securely LinkedIn account to Outlook(Microsoft account)

Microsoft Office added outlook feature to securely connect to LinkedIn account and see information from LinkedIn profile directly from the peoplecard in windows outlook.
Updated in : Outlook

Live subtitle and captions added in PowerPoint to make more inclusive presentations.

If you giving live presentation using PowerPoint at that time this feature will use for the caption and subtitle of your words from headset of microphone automatically change in to another language that you set. It show on the screen as captions.
Updated in : PowerPoint



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