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Protect Your Android Mobile From Malware And Any Virus.

Android is the world's most popular smartphone software, but also the most targeted by Malware .

Android is the most popular OS system for smartphones, by far, and it's also the most open, in terms of how much you can customize your device -replacing its default key keyboard , for example -as well as the approval process for developers to release new apps for it.

So does Android have a big security problem ? this is i as question that is complicated by the fact that many of the companies warning about Android  Malware are also selling apps and services that promise to protect against it. They have a good view of what's out there but also  an interest in talking up risks.

But keeping your data safe on an Android device can be more about taking common-sense steps to minimize your risks , rather than assuming you need to splash out on monthly  security subscription - although there are plenty of choices for the latter if you decide that's the route for you

Here some tips for remembering for secure Android Mobile  ...

Real-Time Anti-phishing.

Proactively inspects URLs for malicious web content and block fake websites that trick you into entering your personal information.

Identity Protection. 

Works silently in the background to protect your usernames, account numbers, security codes and other personal information from theft.

Multi-Device Coverage.

Provides always-on protection for all devices, so your data and identity are always secure-on matter how or where you connect.

Protect Your Privacy.

System Optimizer wipes away traces of your online activity, make deleted files unrecoverable , and reclaims hard drive space by eliminating browser cache, cookies and temporary files.

Password Management.

Encrypts passwords and simplifies secure account access for tablets, smartphones , laptops and desktops . Create the last password you will ever need.

Automatic Secure Backup.

Keeps your Important files safe from computer crashes and data loss with 25GB of online storage space, so you can access your files securely on any device.


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