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Android P : Google Lunches Developer Preview !! Some Features Here !

Hey, Friend's Android 'P' Developer Preview has launched , Now,Here going to explain what's  new features added in updated Version Android 'P' Developer Preview.

Just Here Lunched new Developer Preview Version, so We don't know what is name of Android 'P' ..  Here We just  called it  Android 'P'.

We just see here what's new in this version. Now, Here we can just installed it in pixel .

So , The following Featured are added in this version..

1. Indoor Positioning..

-  What's Indoor Positioning.. ?, It's mean that when your GPS not working properly at that time we can not find right position . using this featured we get supported finding using wifi protocols 802.11mc. So if you are in the which area that not have network correctly to connected GPS . used This Featured to located and navigate it easily.

2. Notch Support..


- That's have already in the Apple Phone's., In android developer using this featured  Developer app easily Notch based developing and get native supporting. In  the future Notch phone's can be better using this feature.

3. Better Notification.


- This feature supporting better used to notification, and give reply easily that's added in this version.also some icon have modified and change the look.and take action easy way.

4. Multi Camera Support.


- We all know that now new have already added this featured. But, Here Also native support dual camera used access and control in better way.

- some featured like image that transfer file not open  and we can not do convert and open it easy.
- supporting auto fill password that mean many app that you want to store and support auto fill that will work.

We just wait for name android 'P'.. here just have supporting features in Android 'P' Developer Preview.



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