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Why People are Every Time Attention From Internet.?

Today, We all working on Internet Everyday and we are connected to the internet , it's good way to communicate with each other,but we must need to secure from cheater,hackers, fake people .Security  must be required also . Because there's  some wrong things that can breaking your entire activity. It may be your important things.

So Friend, How we can secure from them and how we can set security to internet access.i am writing here some important things that you must be note.

 Password Security

Most websites are Access using user account through (Like-facebook,gmail,twitter,etc.), there many websites.But at that time we should take a long password using Any special symbol , character, numerical value.and minimum 10 characters enter.because hacker can't break our password. it's our must be secure.don't try to login between people. Use virtual keyboard from tracking your keys.

Use Application for encryption your password.

You can use software that can encryption your password, hiding your data from internet breaking line.
common things can easily get from breakers. we can't amazing how can happened those things.what is the mistake.


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