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Google is silence person !

Hello friend's , i share to with you  about Google Search Engine .

Today we all know about internet and join with it.

we are know very well that how to use Google Search Engine . New  person  that join with internet its don't know that  how to use internet and how to use Google .Good thing it that for Google many new persons that starting internet and they  first open 'Google'.

 For those person who don't know how to get work from Google , Following  Article  is very useful those person .

1. Google is most useful Search engine  in the world wide .

2.Google is like Silence person that work everything in positive and negative type and its give answer yes or no.

3.When any persons want to  find like as image , book ,blog, application , etc , they  can in Google .

4. Google is provide social network site that  can join with people together  .

5. We earn using Google .

Thus, A persons who know how to get work from Google they must go  to Google and try to find  everything that available  in world wide .

Google provide Some Rules that follow them and use it.

Rules follow  is * compulsory


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