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Xbox One : November Launch, $499 Price Tag.

Rather than leave the price of the Xbox one a mystrey , Microsoft ripped the band-aid off during its press conference at E3 2013.

The Xbox One will cost $499,499 Euros and 429 British  Pound when it launches in November. That price includes a controller, the new version of Kinect. The console itself comes with 500GB of storage and Blu-ray player .

Players who per-order the Xbox One from major retailers  will receive bonus content for Ryse : Son of Rome , Forza Motorsport 5 , kinect  Sport Rivals and Dead Rising 3, They'll also get a commemorative Day One achievement on their Xbox Live accounts and a special controller with a the words "Days One " on it.

Microsoft made a few other announcements during its E3 press briefing :

  • Starting today, Microsoft is selling a redesigned Xbox 360 that takes after the looks of the Xbox One , The Xbox 360 software is also getting a facelift with a more modern look. Microsoft says its still committed to the aging platform , with hundreds more games on  the way.
  • For new and existing Xbox Live customers , Microsoft will give away two Xbox 360 games for download per month, from July 1 until the Xbox One launch in November.
  • A new halo game is coming in 2014 , but no other details were given except that it will run at 60 frames per second.

  • Finally , Microsoft is ditching  Microsoft Points and letting players pay for all Xbox One content with real currency.
 Announcements aside, most of Microsoft's E3 press event was dedicated to actual games a that will run on the Xbox One .I'll have more thoughts on the event later today.


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