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Sony Xperia ZR dives Down 1.5m for waterproof HD jollies !

Now share with you about Sony Xperia  ZR result........

Sony's bringing out a improved waterproof Xperia  just in time for  summer the Xperia ZR. The aquatic mobile  can enjoy freshwater dun kings down to 1.5 meters , and its 13 -megapixel camera will be perfect for recreation the Best bit of License to kill in your holiday pool.

Don't fret if you've just splashed out on an Xperia Z though -- the ZR doesn't have the Z's fabulous 5-inch 1080p screen . Whereas Sony is quick to boast about the Z's " Full 1080p HD Reality diplay ", the ZR has to make do with merely an "HD Reality display ".

 The Official spec sheet reveals it's a 4.55-inch 1,280x720-pixel screen , giving it a pixel density of 323 pixels per inch -- almost identical to the  iPhone retina resolution and significantly below the Xperia Z's 443ppi.

Here's a video link for see the Sony here for watch video for Sony Xperia ZR

In every other respect it's a full-bore powerhouse with a quad-core  1.5GHz processor and 2GB RAM, although it's running Android 4.1 jellybean , which is not quite the newest version .Sony does not mention Android in any of its press materials for the new phone (other than the spec sheet ), just as Samsung did not for the S4. The difference is Sony's ignoring its smart phone capabilities  and selling the ZR as a high-end feature phone -- it great HD video  underwater, and that's it.

The exact waterproofiness is IP55 and IP58 , independent global standards that certify it as being able to survive for up to half an hour in fresh water, and dust won't get in as long as all the ports are firmly shut. it does not say anything about salt water, however ,which might limit its use at the beach .

IP58 is one up on the Xperia Z's IP57, certifying for immersion (holding it underwater for a while), rather than just submersion (a quick splash around).

Sony has not said how much the Xperia ZR will be , or When it will arrive in the UK, just that it will launch in "various global markets" Sometime before July....

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Sony Xperia ZR will definitely make a difference with its ultimate feature of under water HD recording. The mobile is loaded will all other features available in other smartphones now its price will decide its demand in market.

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